Since 1995 our goal is to produce superior quality products possessing elevated design, high safety standards and the finest ingredients.

We are targeting minimal impact on our planet, our environment and indoor air. Here are just a few tangible actions that we are taking every day to make sure that our clients and our employees are interacting with safe materials while respecting our planet:

Materials & Construction

FSC certified wooden planks

FSC Certified Wood

Our wood is certified by the FOREST STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL (FSC) meeting the strict standards on forest management and replantation (3-4 trees for each one cut down).

Veneered wooden panels stacked

Veneered Panels

Our veneered panels are meeting the stringent Carb 2 (regulations against formaldehyde) and are TSCA TITLE VI COMPLIANT

Applying glue on wood planks

Non-Toxic Adhesive

The adhesive that we use in our factory in Canada is water based and free of harmful ingredients.

water based wood paint

Water Based Wood Stain

The stain and the pigments that we use for coloring the wood are also water based.

Warehouse machinery of rolled on top paint coat

Rolled on Top Base Coat

The base coat (varnish) that we use to seal the wood is applied by roller and not sprayed in order to eliminate any fumes (from spraying), in the environment.

Close up of warehouse machinery for applying paint top coat

Electrostatically Applied Top Coat

The top coat (varnish) that we use to protect the wood wraps the wood electrostatically in order to reduce the overspray in the environment.

Environmental Sustainability

Stack of recycled packaging cardboard

Recycled Packaging

The carton boxes that we use for packaging our furniture are made of recycled post-consumer waste.

blue and yellow warehouse exterior

Environmental Sustainability Waste Recycling

All the wood, metal and cardboard waste is sent weekly to the recycling facilities for recycling.

Water damn and green forest

Renewable Electricity

All the electricity that we use in our factory is generated by water or solar devices in order to reduce our energy footprint almost to zero.

It is our priority to do our part in protecting our planet and environment today and for future generations !


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