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Baby laying on grey changing mat with pink towel and accessories

When having a baby, a changing mat is practically an indispensable tool. A changing mat helps you to change diapers in a safe, comfortable and hygienic manner. Matty is a soft cushion mat that can be placed directly on the changing table or directly on the floor, precisely where you need it.

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Close up of grey waterproof changing mat with water drops on it

The 100% waterproof surface can be wiped clean very easily, and is made of PUR which will prevent mold, mildew and bacteria from penetrating into the pad.

Just an easy wipe and go.

Sanitary-easy to Clean = Healthy

The Matty has a strong resistant surface that can be disinfected with a 68% ethanol disinfecting cleaner.

Baby laying on grey changing mat on the floor with safety belt attached
Safety Belt

The Matty comes with an attached and adjustable safety belt, so you can concentrate on your baby’s needs while safely and comfortably secured to the changing mat.

Whether on a dresser top or on the floor, you can feel reassured that your baby is safer.It is always important however to never leave your baby unattended.

mom holding her baby and grey changing mat
Portable – Modern Design

The Matty is portable, modern and has a very unique design to keep up with today’s busy lifestyle needs and expectations. The Matty can be used anywhere on any stable flat surface and take care of that concern.

close up of rubber safety non-slip legs under a baby changing mat
Raised Non-skid Feet – Stable & Secure

The 4 raised non skip support feet will provide a safe space for your baby no matter where you are using it, as long as it is on a stable flat surface. Dresser top surface finish is very well protected due to the raised feet that will provide space between the Matty bottom and the dresser top. This allows continual air flow which will prevent moisture build up and discoloration that can permanently damage the surface of the dresser top.

toddler girl laying on her back on a grey changing mat
Reinforced Wooden Panel Bottom Support

The Matty covers all your newborn baby to toddler needs with a very soft yet sturdy reinforced, durable bottom design.

This high quality design includes a heavy duty wood panel for an extra supported bottom made to last not only from baby to toddler but also for multiple babies.

Baby laying on stomach on a changing pad playing with toddler boy
Soft & Warm - Baby Yoga / Tummy Time

The Matty is made in Denmark and made of a molded PUR which is soft and comfortable for baby. Whether baby on its back or on its tummy for baby yoga, the soft surface quickly acclimates to baby’s warm body temperature, never gets cold.

Baby laying on grey changing mat on the floor with safety belt attached playing with mobile
Healthy Protective Surface Anytime/anywhere - Playtime

The Matty isn’t just for baby changing, it can also provide a safe layer between baby and any potentially unsafe or unsanitary surfaces.

Even with beloved animals in the house, you can still be reassured that when your baby is placed on the Matty, it will be a clean and safe environment.

Baby laying on grey changing mat on the floor with safety belt attached
Large / Spacious Rectangle Design

( 28’’ X 20’’ X 4.5’’ inches) / ( 71.12cm X 50.8cm x 11.43cm )

The unique rectangle design offers a large area (longer and wider than most changing mats) and can be used whether you are left or right handed.

This larger space is ideal for baby changing and for baby yoga or play time too !

5-star Ratings for Matty


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