Decorating Tips

    • When matching your furniture from the same collection, you can enhance the room by painting the walls with murals or by choosing rich textured, elegant bedding. You can also cover the walls with textured wallpaper or with fabric to create a warm atmosphere.
    • To liven things up, you can choose furniture within the same collection, but instead mix the finishes. Example: teddy bear brown on a crib or bed, and a two-tone finish of antique ebony with teddy bear brown tops for the furniture.
    • If your child has a small room cool or neutral colors will help to enlarge it visually. Conversely, if the room is very large, warmer colors will help it appear smaller or cozier.
    • Choose complementary color schemes. If you have chosen French white furniture avoid a bedding set that it too brash (primary colors.) Fabric in subdued earth tones (beige, mocha, salmon) or an almost all neutral color palette (pink blush, cappuccino) will further enhance the beauty of the pale furniture. If you like a bolder palette, you can chose hues based on primary colors, but look for bedding that has subdued the normal spectrum.
    • Example: you like blue, but navy on French white is too harsh. Look instead for paler hues like Wedgwood. If you have chosen a stronger finish for the furniture like ebony or walnut, you have a broader spectrum to work with. These finishes can easily support both subdued pastels or more bold primary colors.


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