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Essentia Natural Memory Foam Mattresses

SKU: BJ9600


Product Construction:

  • Dimensions vary by size
  • Baby Jeanius (crib size) = 28″ w x 52″ l x 4.5″ h
  • Baby Jeanius IQ (extension which converts your existing Essentia crib mattress into a double bed 54″ size)
  • Jeanius Twin 39″ = 39″ w x 75″ l x 6″ h
  • Jeanius Double 54″ = 54″ w x 75″ l x 6″ h
  • Composed of 100% Natural Memory Foam from heava milk (rubber tree sap)
  • Composed of Organic Essential Oils, Plant Extracts & Water
  • Organic Cotton Support Layer is topped with natural memory foam
  • Foam that feels and reacts like memory foam but without the 'gunk'
  • Provides a comfortable and healthy sleep surface for your child


Beige Stripe (Essentia Mattress)Beige Stripe (Essentia Mattress)
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